12. Sep, 2010

Hey guys, so if you’ve been following my blogs in order, which if you haven’t I suggest doing, you’ll remember how I was planning on acquiring the 4th generation iPod Touch for christmas because of all the new features that it includes. Well I currently have a 2nd generation iPod Touch…and I was thinking to myself ‘I have no idea what is to come of this little device.’

Now way back when before I knew about the new features of the 4th gen iPod, I thought that if I got a newer one, that that one would be like my personal social media device, with all my music photos and videos on it, and some basic apps like facebook and twitter, a couple of web browsers, maybe a radio app, and maybe some innocent games to play when I’m bored. And then my old iPod Touch would become ‘GameCenter’, no pun intended, lol, and that would have a whole archive of apps with less music photos and videos and a whole bunch of hardcore iphone games, so basically the old one would become my personal gaming system instead of a social device.

Well then I saw the new features of the 4th gen iPod, and don’t get me wrong my original idea would still be possible its not a terrible idea, but it has the retina display, better stuff installed for gaming that you cant get on a 2nd gen, the gyroscope, better speakers, a microphone, the list goes on. And basically I said to hell with that idea this is the one I want!

So my next thought was, ‘Hey, why not give it to my mom?’ because for the longest time now she’s been needing an iPod replacement since her 1st gen nano broke, but then i figured why not get her the brand new nano with the clip that just came out instead of waiting for like 3 or 4 months without an iPod, so that idea is gone as well.

Now I happen to have two more thoughts on what to do with it. I could either sell it, or keep it as a spare.

Now if I sold it, before I try anything online like that, I’d probably ask around if anyone wanted to buy it and stuff, and I’d probably create a little bonus how to navigate thru this device bulletin with it, and also give up my protective black leather case for it for traveling. I might throw in headphones if I have any lying around. I’m not really sure at what to price it all at, if I had to guess maybe between $125-$200.

However if I decided to keep it, I might jailbreak it again, and thatd be kinda cool to have that kind of device lying around, or I would use it to balance out stuff on my main ipod to this current one, or I just might copy everything I have on the new one on it and use it as a spare. Who knows.

Tell me what you guys think, like actually respond to this question, what do you think I should do with an extra ipod touch?

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